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Plasma/LCD Flat Panel Displays

Dakota Audio has a rich history of providing directional audio solutions in conjunction with Flat Panel Displays (see our image gallery) Through our over 10 year history as the leading Directional Audio solution in the museum industry we have been an integral part of hundreds of touchscreen and digital signage solutions with thousands of units deployed.  Recently Dakota Audio has been involved with more large scale retail digital signage solutions.  For installations such as these where the units needed can run into the thousands, custom designed units may be ordered with the features you need.

Flat Panel Displays in Retail

Retail Digital Signage solutions are by far the fastest growing market segment for Dakota Audio with many of our prior Plasma and LCD solutions over the years fitting what would now be described as Digital Signage.

In fact a large museum recently asked Dakota Audio to work on a new Digital Signage project since they were so satisfied with the previous two Digital Signage projects several years ago (this was before Digital Signage was an industry term.)

Museums were definitely the first to appreciate directional audio and to understand that by properly segregating a message you not only made the message more palatable but also increased the overall ability for greater density of individual messages - exhibit density translates directly into revenue.  In the cash starved world of museums return on investment is critical.

Adding an audio component to your Plasma or LCD allows you to double the amount of information you can deliver to your audience.  Further, by focusing the audio so it doesn't disturb others you are proactively ensuring that your audible content is not turned down by workers that will be in close proximity to the kiosk and might become annoyed by hearing the content over and over again all day.


Dakota Audio produces a wide variety of directional audio solutions that all have two things in common:  They are very small (the speakers range from less than an inch to the thickest at only 3 inches thick) and they sound great!

Directional audio arrays by Dakota Audio do not utilize ultrasonic solutions but rather use normal high quality loudspeakers that are controlled by a unique digital signal processing technology to focus the pattern of sound.  Avoiding ultrasonic delivery means that there are no health issues from prolonged exposure or from the end users being too close to the ultrasonic device.

  • Overhead Speaker arrays come in two sizes: the 36 inch square x 3 inch thick FA-501 and the 24 inch square x 3 inch thick FA-602 FH & CM models (the FH model is free hanging and the CM model is designed to fit in a suspended ceiling) both of which include an amplifier and user control panel built in for configuring the sound pattern, distance of throw, and tuning for the type of audio being played.

  • Flat Panel Mini arrays these MA-4 speakers are also very popular with kiosk sound projects and come in a variety of lengths (18-38 inches/ 457mm-965mm) though all are less than an inch deep and only two inches tall.  These arrays can also be installed in the ceiling to cover a linear area (such as hallways) with sound (range and depth of field are dependent on mounting height and other factors.)   Finally, these arrays are one of the most popular with Digital Signage solutions.


Dakota Audio also designs custom arrays to precisely fit your needs.  Whether it is designing and manufacturing round arrays for the Smithsonian Institute or special arrays with holes in the center for a light to shine through for the Country Music Hall of Fame, Dakota Audio wants to build your Healthcare solution to your exact specifications.

Don't have an audio specialist at your disposal?  Dakota Audio would be happy to recommend a consultant specific to your needs or region.

Please contact us for more information.

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