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Dakota Audio has built our business over the last 27 years by supporting the most difficult and demanding acoustical market there is: Museums. Museums are often made of glass, marble and steel and demand the highest quality reproductions of their audio content. Our directional audio speaker arrays are used all over the world in projects ranging from simple single speaker installations to solutions for very large environments

By controlling the launch time of the sound from each loudspeaker, we deliver well-controlled sound dispersion, adjustability, and coverage patterns. Our units sound much better than ultrasonic technologies and - depending on the acoustic environment - often provide better sound control. We do not have dust collecting domes, and the coverage pattern of our overhead arrays is easily field adjustable, a feature that is not available with any other technology.

Beware of look-alike copies. Although they may look similar to ours, two or three loudspeakers mounted in a long metal housing will not be directional.

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