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Dakota Audio continues their 27 year tradition of professional grade directional speakers. Find out why the vast majority of sales are to repeat customers.

Why is Dakota Audio the best choice for directional audio?

Dakota Audio is truly a customer focused organization. We understand that in selecting our speakers you are putting your good name on the line. We are always happy to provide suggestions and technical support. We promise not to do a hard sell, in fact we turn down about 10% of the potential customers who contact us because their expectations are not realistic, the environmental acoustics are not adequate, or for some reason we do not feel the customer will be happy with the end result. Finally, Dakota Audio speakers sound like normal speakers, they just happen to be directional. Ask around about us, we take our excellent reputation very seriously.

Compare, compare, compare...

It seems every few days, we receive a call from someone who has just installed one of our competitor's products and cannot believe how bad it sounds, how the beam bounces around, and how there are "points" of sound all over the area where the beam strikes surfaces. Naturally, the first question is usually "how does Dakota Audio’s sound compare with (one of the ultrasonic solutions)". My answer is that I have one of their units in my lab and love to demonstrate it - compared to ours - to anyone who will listen.

We are always happy to help but we can't stress enough the need to compare directional audio solutions prior to purchasing; especially since we have been told that some of our competitors charge very large restocking fees. (If you have already bought one of their speakers - no - I don’t know of any place to sell it. I already know of quite a few stashed away because they did not work and are too expensive to throw away.)

What? No Plexiglas dome over your focused speaker?

Dakota Audio's directional audio solution is controlled by digital signal processing ( DSP ). This means that Dakota Audio products have no need for an unsightly dome to shape the sound nor special materials to stop the sound from bouncing around the room (as with ultrasonics) By controlling the launch time of the sound from each loudspeaker, we deliver well-controlled sound dispersion, adjustability, and coverage patterns that are physically not possible with a dome. We strongly recommend comparing our solutions side by side before making any purchases.

OK, so if there is no dome than it must be ultrasonic, right?

Dakota Audio does not use ultrasonic technology. Our speakers use loudspeakers. They sound like speakers. Ever wonder why some of our competitors use bird calls, sound effects, moon landing audio, etc. on their demo CDs? Listen to their product with music we think the answer will be apparent. We demonstrate our arrays with full range music, speech, and other typical program material, not just sound effects... Our products would not be used in venues such as the Country Music Hall of Fame or Stax Soul Music Museum if the sound quality was not great.

Aside from the natural sound, in many cases Dakota Audio speaker arrays achieve better sound control. The sound from our array is concentrated in the focal area and then diffuses, therefore Dakota Audio arrays do not have a problem with a sound beam bouncing around the area, forming a virtual non-directional speaker on every object it hits.

What kind of solutions can Dakota Audio focused sound arrays provide?

Dakota Audio arrays can be built into kiosks and displays, often in the otherwise wasted space above or below the display. They have been mounted in floors, overhead, in front, one either side, or even behind the listener.

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