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3" x 24" x 24" (76mm x 609mm x 609mm)

21 lbs (9.5 kg)

Flame retardant fabric covers available in: black or white

Approximately: 8' (2.5m) -14' (4m)

Adjustable from very tight (less than a meter) to three meters (10 feet)

Full Range - from ~200HZ to ~5KHZ

16-18 VAC or 24 VDC, 15 watts (transformer included)

Line level balanced or unbalanced - Screw terminals and 1/8" mini jack

Built in amplifier with volume control and two position gain control

90 dBA (internally limited for safety)

Custom covers, Cables, Weatherproofing, built in Media Player

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FA-602 Product In Use

FA-602 24" - 609mm Overhead Directional Speaker

Product Literature

Dakota Audio FA-602 Directional Audio array is the smaller version (24 inches square) of the FA-501. The FA-602 is unique in that it directs the audio signal at an a fifteen degree angle to one side of the focused speaker (indicated on the back side of the speaker) instead of straight down as the FA-501 does.

The FA-602's steered audio signal is especially useful when installing in a post construction environment or when used in a suspended or acoustic tile ceiling. In these situations the ceiling grid seldom lines up with the desired coverage on the floor. With the 15 degree offset, a location can usually be found in the ceiling grid that will provide satisfactory coverage on the floor.

The FA-602 produces a oval sound pattern.  The FA-602 has become our best seller, largely because of the oval pattern.  Adults tend to stand back from an exhibit.  Children tend to stand as close as possible.  The oval pattern provides coverage for the whole family while reducing  side-to-side sound spill.

We will be happy to provide technical advice.  We promise that there will not be a hard sell, in fact we discourage about 10% of the people who call us.  Either their expectations are not realistic, or there is a reason our products will not work for them.

The FA-602 is covered by Dakota Audio's five (5) year warranty.  (We even cover lightning and power surge damage).



The FA-602 is easily field adjustable for both mounting height and pattern width.

There are two push buttons and two rows of LEDs on the top side of the array. One sets the mounting height above the floor in one foot increments from 8 to 14 feet.

The other button controls the pattern width in seven steps from tight to a circle appropriately 10 feet in diameter (depending on the mounting height).

There are two line level inputs. The first is a transfomer isolated balanced input.  The other is a 3.5mm mini-jack that accepts a stereo signal and combines it to mono.

A three position switch controls a built in equalizer with three preset adjustments to the audio frequency response for the program material.

The music position provides full range sound.

The voice with music position has a slight rise in the high frequency response to enhance voice intelligibility while maintaining good music reproduction.

The voice position reduces low frequencies for maximum voice intelligibility.The array accepts any standard line level input, either balanced or unbalanced.

For installations where the audio level is set remotely, a switch disables the volume control.

The FA-602 focused sound arrays are powered by either 16 to 18 Volts AC or 24 Volts DC. A plug-in 16 VAC transformer is supplied for installations where local 120 power is available. Where the array power and signal cables share the same conduit, we suggest powering them with 24VDC.

Generally, the arrays are suspended by four thin (0.080 inch) aircraft cables with easily adjustable clips (supplied). There are also four threaded inserts, 1/4" X 20 thread is standard, 6mm threaded inserts are available as an option.

The units are constructed of aluminum, with a non-reflective black powder coat finish.

The snap-on fabric grill cover is provided, available in black or white. Please add a "B" or "W" to end of the product number when ordering (i.e. FA-602B will be shipped with a black cover)

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