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What are Dakota Audio Directional Speakers?


First, what Dakota Audio Focused Sound is not...

The sound doesn't bounce around inside a dome, nor is it heterodyne, ultrasound, or ultrasonic.  It won't cause nausea or injuries if you get too close to it.  We use multiple high quality loudspeakers mounted on a flat surface, eliminating the sonic coloration of domes.  It does not produce an acoustic beam that reflects off people or objects.  We use proven loudspeaker technology to deliver clean, low distortion, full range, directed audio. It does not radiate unwanted sounds from surfaces hit by either direct or reflected beams.

What Dakota Audio Focused Sound is...

Multiple small, high quality loudspeakers providing excellent sound quality and control in thin unobtrusive packages. Our technology allows us to design arrays into situations and provide coverage patterns that are not available with other technologies. We welcome side-by-side comparisons with any other technology for controlling sound.

More information can be found in our whitepaper and technical documentation section. or you can click to visit our How Dakota Audio Arrays Work page.


Standard versions...

For our standard versions, see Dakota Audio Focused Sound Speakers

Please contact us for any special use or custom applications.


Other Applications...

We can do different types of patterns; very tight "spot" sound, larger area circular & oval patterns, or projected down an aisle.

The distance to the listener can be from 12 inches to 14 feet (or more).

We have mounted them under grates in the floor, over where the listener stands, or offset several feet from the listener (we can project the sound at an angle).

The array can be long and narrow, square, round, round with a hole in the middle to look like a 45 record, custom shapes, surrounded with neon, buried within a wall, mounted in the front of a sales counter, behind products in a display rack, ceiling mounted, weatherproof, have a logo printed on the front.

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